How to stop bite your nails?

Nail biting is a bad habit that can not only make your hands look unsightly, but if you bite your nails badly enough, you can permanently damage your nails, your teeth, or even your gums. If you are tired of the nail stubs and bleeding, try these simple remedies to promote normal and beautiful nail growth.
Confront your problem. It’s time to admit that your nail-biting habit is getting out of control, and that you don’t feel capable of stopping whenever you want. Before you stop trying to bite your nails, you must realize that you have been doing it in class, at work, or other public places, and that it is not socially acceptable. Tell yourself that you want healthy, beautiful nails and to drop your nasty habit for good.
Take pictures of your nails and examine them. Is that what you want your nails to look like forever?
(For Girls): Tell yourself that when you have nice long nails then you can get them painted in some pretty shade that you like for special occasions. This will motivate you: “I can’t wear polish until I stop biting my nails.”
Study the nails of people who don’t bite their nails for extra motivation.

Nail Biting Treatments:
Many children eventually grow out of nail biting. But for teens and adults who still struggle with the habit, some techniques have proven results.

  •  Coat your nails with a bitter-tasting nail biting polish. The nasty taste will discourage you from biting. You can also use a regular clear or colored nail polish to prevent nail biting. The same technique can work with your child.
  •  Keep nails trimmed short. You’ll have less of a nail to bite.
  •  Get regular manicures. If you spend the money to keep your nails looking attractive, you’ll be less likely to bite them.
  •  Use an alternate technique to manage your stress. Try yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or squeezing a stress ball to relax you.
  • Put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it whenever you get the urge to bite your nails.
  • If you’ve tried these techniques and nothing is working, you can cover your nails with GEL so your nails won’t be accessible to bite.

before and after


Acrylic or Gel?

Is the person doing your nails using powder and gel? It sounds like you’re getting L&P acrylics, not gels. Gel comes in a single pot and is in a gel form. Also, after almost every step of the gel process, the nails have to be cured under a UV lamp. If you’re just sitting under the lamp at the end of the service, it’s just a gel top coat on Acrylic. Its really important for people to remember that there is a few different kinds of nails, and they should research them before getting them.

  •   acrylics (which is “solar nails”, “powder gel”)
  •   gels (which is “gel” or “soft gel”)
  •   acrylics with a gel top coat

Many people mistake acrylics with a gel top coat for being actual gel nails, they aren’t, they just have a gel coating put on as the last step to give them that Gel nails look.Nails by Natalia at ADORE Salon and SPA

I would go with gels, far better than acrylics in terms of durability and look way more natural.

OPI Bio Sculpture nails are the best you can get as far as gel enhancements go.
The are strong and durable, but flexible at the same time and cause no damage to the natural nail.Nails by Natalia at ADORE Salon and SPA
Acrylics, contrary to popular belief do not always last longer than gel. ” I’m a qualified nail tech and have done all available systems and gels are by far the best, most of my clients who have switched to gels, get an extra couple of weeks of wear out of them and have said they would never switch back.
I personally use a combination of OPI sculpture to protect the nail, Young nails gel for shiny look and En Vogue gel for french tip (not airbrush).”

Have you got natural lenght to your nails? Cause if so GEL can be used as a natural nail overlay too without the need for plastic tips.

Nail Care Tips


Hands speak a lot about you. They tell how much you care about yourselves, how you live your life and love your body. It is said that hands reduce a woman’s age several years.
Here are some essential tips on nail care which would definitely help you a lot.

  • Never use something like scissors for both for infected and non infected nails.
  • File your nails regularly and always keep them short.
  • If your nails are exposed to chemicals, moisture, water, etc, it could result in split peeling nails or allergic reaction.
  • Take care of your nails between salon visits.
  • Always get artificial nails applied by a good technician.
  • Make a habit of using hand cream often. Keep a bottle of it in a place which you visit frequently. Apply hand care cream several times in a day for keeping the hands soft and smooth.
  • Keep gloves while gardening or washing dishes. It would protect your hands from dust, pollution and chemical reactions at all times by wearing gloves while doing.
  • Make sure your nails are completely dry before applying any polish. If you have recently washed your hands, wait until the water has completely dried out of your nails. This will help prevent the cursed bubbling.
  • Do not use fingernails as replacement Swiss army knives. Use proper tools for the job. Try and remember to treat your nails like jewels not tools…
  • Nail biting is a difficult habit to break. Nail grooming can be an effective way to relieve the temptation to bite. Nail polish serves as a visual cue to keep from biting. By having a manicure every 4/6 weeks can help to break the habit as you will visibly see the benefit of having a manicure and looking after your hands..
  • Keep your hands clean at all times.